The DB&A DifferenceFocused on Your People

Our job — our passion — is to empower your organization to unlock its full potential. At DB&A, we focus our efforts and activities on strengthening your frontline management. By working alongside managers, we’re able to analyze your current situation and plan a custom solution for success that lasts long after we’ve gone. The results are guaranteed to maximize resources and strengthen your business.

Working with all levels of management, DB&A helps create ownership of results at the frontline manager level. By doing so, individual employees can be held accountable for results through proactive management behaviors. After working with our Consultants, the following occurs:

  • Frontline supervisors manage people versus problems.
  • Frontline supervisors “own” the metrics that drive accountability.
  • All levels of management work to support the frontline manager in solving day-to-day problems.
  • Leadership above the frontline manager level has clear Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Leadership learns to drive problem-solving to frontline manager rather than allowing frontline manager to delegate problems up.

Addressing the ingrained management culture is a critical first step in establishing dramatic improvements and lasting success.