DB&A HistoryFor three decades, DB&A has focused our efforts on empowering managers

From the very start, our “people-first” approach to the way we conduct business has helped drive lasting financial and operational improvements in companies across a wide-variety of industries around the globe. Over time, although we have weathered economic, political, technological and cultural change, the roots of this basic principle have grown deeper within our company. While other consulting firms sway with the changing business landscape, DB&A remains steadfast in the philosophy that gave us our start — which is to help our clients reach their greatest potential.

  • 1987

    Guaranteed Results

    DB&A is founded by Lou DeWolff and Tim Boberg on the principle of "guaranteed results."

  • First Clients

    The first DB&A clients are in the paper mill and automotive industries.

  • 1990

    First Non-Manufacturing Project

    Business Process Reengineering is a trending business strategy being introduced by other consulting firms as a specialty area of service.

  • 1991

    Professional Services Expands to New Sectors

    Professional Services experience grows with projects in the Distribution & Logistics, Financial Services and Telecommunications services.

  • 1993

    Cumulative Guaranteed Savings Exceeds $100 Million

    DB&A exceeds $100 million in guaranteed savings for our clients.

  • 1995

    100th Project Milestone

    DB&A completes our 100th project.

  • 1997

    Transition to Knowledge Worker Era

    DB&A, along with the rest of the world, transitions to the new Info/Knowledge Worker era, which proves five times more productive than the Industrial Revolution.

  • 1998

    Guaranteed Savings Grows

    DB&A exceeds $500 million in guaranteed savings for our clients.

  • 1999

    New Sectors: Utilities & Bio-Pharmaceuticals

    DB&A completes first projects in Utilities and Bio-Pharmaceuticals sectors.

  • 250th Project Milestone

    DB&A completes our 250th project.

  • 2001

    9/11: Helped Government Strengthen Front Lines

    The 9/11 terrorist attacks intensify a two-year recession. The event also expanded DB&A's efforts to help the Department of Defense and Defense Contractors strengthen their front lines.

  • New Sector: Insurance

    Major insurance company engages DB&A marking our first entrance into the sector.

  • 2003

    Private Equity

    For the first time, a private equity firm engages DB&A to help improve efficiencies within their portfolio.

  • Computer Manufacturer

    World's largest computer manufacturer engages DB&A to help improve their customer service and call center operations.

  • Leon Zebroski

    Leon Zebroski is named CEO of DB&A.

  • 2005

    North America Footprint Expands

    DB&A expands our North America footprints with projects in Canada and Mexico.

  • 2006

    First Project in Europe

    DB&A completes first project in England.

  • 2007

    Nuclear Power

    DB&A completes our first nuclear power project which would lead dozens more of our nation's 100+ fleet.

  • 500th Project Milestone

    DB&A completes our 500th project.

  • First Project in Africa

    DB&A completes first project in Africa.

  • 2008

    DB&A Helps Streamline Operations During Great Recession

    $150 per barrel oil leads trucking and transportation services companies to look for ways to become more efficient. DB&A partners with a wide array of public, private and family owned companies in the sector to trim costs and streamline their operations.

  • First Project in Mainland Europe

    DB&A expands to mainland Europe with projects in France and Czech Republic.

  • 2009

    Michael Owens

    Michael Owens is named CEO of DB&A.

  • 2010

    DB&A Goes to the Moon

    One of the largest satellite manufacturers in the world engages DB&A to help their booming business get more products delivered to demanding customers.

  • European Footprint Expands

    European footprint expands with projects in several more countries including Germany, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands.

  • 2012

    Say Cheese!

    One of the largest consumer products good manufacturers in the world engages DB&A to help make more cream cheese.

  • DB&A Expands to the Solar System

    Two of the largest companies in the world share a joint venture that engages DB&A to help build rockets to take more pay load to the solar system.

  • 2013

    DB&A Aids in Transition from Government to Commercial

    The world's largest and most respected Defense Contractor engages DB&A as they transition more and more of their business from government to commercial contracts.

  • 2014

    700th Project Milestone

    DB&A completes our 700th project.

  • 2015

    Cumulative Guaranteed Savings Continues to Grow

    DB&A exceeds $2 billion in guaranteed savings for our clients.

  • 2016

    DB&A Goes to Asia

    DB&A begins first project in Thailand.

  • 2018

    Keith Leary named Chief Operating Officer