Call Center Experiences Higher Call Volumes

Transforming a business’ culture is essential for increasing efficiency and productivity. DB&A is committed to mentoring front-line supervisors to coach them how to develop the best performance metrics and drive an environment of accountability. A recent consulting project with a loan servicer call center highlights the positive impact an active management culture can have on the growth and improvement of a company.

DB&A’s Analysis Team identified a variety of factors contributing to the Client’s slowdown in call volumes:

  • Longer call handling times
  • More customers on hold
  • Decrease in outbound contact rates
  • Lack of standardized performance metrics
  • Gaps in internal communication

DB&A’s Project Team worked side-by-side with supervisors to enhance their leadership skills and improve the overall operation of the facility.  Elements of the consulting project included:

  • Establishing separate divisions within the call center
  • DB&A’s customized leadership development workshops
  • Implementing management tools to track performance
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Establishing best practices

Outbound Call Results

  • 34% Increase in activity
  • 21% Increase in contact rates
  • 131% Increase in hourly call volumes

Inbound Call Results

  • 57% Decrease in hold times
  • 35% Decrease in call handling times
  • 233% Increase in hourly call volumes

The Client continues to partner with DB&A’s Managed services team to sustain the results experienced during the consulting engagement.

Financial Results

DB&A Guarantee

  • 2:1 Return on Investment
  • $774K Annualized Savings Rate

DB&A Delivered

  • 3.5:1 Return on Investment
  • $1.27MM Annualized Savings Rate

About the Client

As a student loan servicer with 25 years of experience, the Client works to provide support to students and families who have received federal loans to pay for their education. They provide quality customer service along with the following services:

  • Outsourcing for college financial aid services
  • Loan default prevention programs
  • Loan payment processes

The client contacted DB&A when one of their call centers began experiencing a slowdown in call volumes.