Family-Owned Company Improves Management Skillsets

Hatfield Quality Meats

When DB&A contacted Hatfield Quality Meats, the company was experiencing some of the best years in its history. Even so, they were looking for ways to improve and keep their competitive edge in an industry dominated by large conglomerates. The company laid the groundwork to implement an internal improvement program but decided to hire DB&A because of their management expertise and focus on improving the management culture.

During DB&A’s two-week analysis process, the Analysis Team identified a variety of opportunities for improvement throughout the facility.

  • Improving communications between departments
  • Improving quality control
  • Establishing realistic, consistent expectations
  • Increasing production rates

DB&A  focused the project on improving the efficiency and quality of production in the Fresh Pork and Processed Meats Departments, where the Client was experiencing significant inconsistencies. The Project Team coached front-line managers on the following essential leadership principles:

  • Communicating clear responsibilities
  • Establishing realistic expectations
  • Establishing standardized performance metrics

Additionally, the Project Team implemented a series of management tools to further improve the management culture.

  • Daily team huddles
  • Visual communication boards
  • Schedule controls

Right from the start, Hatfield Quality Meats had a strong commitment to changing behaviors. DB&A’s expertise inspired front-line managers to take charge, set expectations, foster accountability, and work as a team, which led to significant improvements in many areas of the management culture.

  • Improved communication within teams and between levels of management
  • Increased workload/workforce management training
  • Increased metrics analysis
  • Increased production tracking
  • Reversed management culture from reactive to proactive

Financial Results

  • Guaranteed $6 million gain on the bottom line
  • $10 million in financial opportunities

About the Client

A family-owned company established in 1895, Hatfield Quality Meats produces over 1,200 fresh and manufactured pork products distributed throughout the Northeast.  They hold the distinct position as the official hotdog maker for the Philadelphia Phillies.

“DeWolff, Boberg & Associates served as a catalyst— energizing and exciting our managers.” ~ Senior Officer, Hatfield Quality Meats