Medical Device Manufacturer Improves Productivity

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The Client is a leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer for single-use medical technologies. They provide products and services to healthcare professionals and facilities around the globe.  As a company, they focus on innovations that will reduce costs in the urology, oncology, and specialty surgery fields.

When DB&A’s Analysis Team assessed the Client’s facility, they found a variety of opportunities for improvements.

  • Scheduling inconsistencies
  • Imbalanced allocation of staff members
  • Lack of a machine maintenance schedule
  • Backlogs and bottlenecks in the production line

The Project Team from DB&A spent 24 weeks at the Client’s facility in Glen Falls, New York.  Aspects of the consulting project included:

  • One-on-one mentoring with front-line leaders
  • Implementing management tools to address lost time
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators and other metrics
  • Cross-training employees to work in different departments
  • Recalibrating and realigning production lines

The scope of the consulting project spanned several different departments at the facility, including operations, maintenance, and plant engineering.  This allowed the Project Team to promote positive change throughout the organization.

The Client experienced operational improvements throughout the facility.

  • Increased effectiveness in scheduling
  • Increased production rates
  • Increase in efficiency

A process known as “checkering machines” was implemented to allow one person to operate 5 machines.  Before the project, this would have required at least 2 people.

Financial Results

DB&A Guarantee

  • 2.1:1 Return on Investment
  • $3.57 MM Annualized Savings Rate

DB&A Results

  • 2.4:1 Return on Investment
  • $4.23 MM Annualized Savings Rate

“The management team has had a lot more interaction with peers; they have their fingers closer to the pulse of day-today operations. The MOS tools give us immediate feedback and give us a snapshot of how we are doing day to day, so we can make changes quicker than ever before.” ~ Manager

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