Nuclear Plant Improves Resource Utilization

DB&A Business Consulting nuclear power

In the nuclear energy industry, it is very important for organizations to operate efficiently while still maintaining high levels of safety.  A recent consulting project completed at one of America’s largest nuclear plants demonstrates how DB&A’s customized consulting services can increase efficiency and productivity without sacrificing safety or quality. The Client called DB&A when senior leadership began noticing gaps in managerial skills among their front-line leaders. DB&A has provided consulting services for more than 25% of America’s nuclear facilities. The Project Team applied prior experience and lessons learned to provide the best results for the Client.

During the two-week analysis process, DB&A’s Analysis Team discovered the Client’s management culture was focused on safety and risk aversion. The results of the assessment revealed significant opportunities for improvement that would not impact the Client’s commitment to keeping employees safe.

Opportunities for Improvement:
• Reduce lost time
• Reduce overtime
• Decrease backlog
• Increase efficiency

Due to the nature of the facility, the Project Team partnered with the Client to understand the safety requirements and identify solutions to increase productivity without compromising worker safety. DB&A’s approach to management consulting is 85% one-on-one coaching with front-line managers and supervisors. This provides a platform for hands-on learning and the chance for front-line managers to better understand their roles and responsibilities. DB&A’s Project Team also delivered customized leadership workshops to further increase the mangers’ understanding of general leadership principles.

DB&A expanded the management team’s capabilities.  The improvements made in productivity reduced the backlog, overtime, and labor hours required to get the work done.

  • 52% Increase in maintenance productivity
  • 16% Increase in engineering productivity
  • Several of the Client’s work groups were completing twice as much work
Financial Results
  • $13.5 MM Annualized Savings Rate
  • 737% Guaranteed Savings

“The partnership with DB&A has enabled us to modify some entrenched behaviors, and to sharpen our focus on recognizing and addressing process vulnerabilities. These behavior changes are allowing us to approach our work more intentionally and effectively. Ultimately, these changes provide a foundation that allows us to achieve long-term excellence in a safe and effective operation.” ~ Engineering Supervisor