Repeat Client Surges in Productivity


 DB&A believes that improving an organization starts with changing the mindset and behavior of those leading front-line operation teams. A consulting engagement completed a few years ago with a repeat Client in the transportation industry demonstrates how a more active leadership team can positively impact a business. The Client provides irregular route, dry van truckload carrier transportation for some of the largest retailers in the Contentinal United States and Canada.

The results of DB&A’s two-week analysis revealed several opportunities for improvement:

  • Directors struggled to communicate clearly with their teams
  • Directors spent an average of 52% of their work day completing administrative tasks
  • The available capacity of personnel and processes was not properly utilized
  • Customer service representatives did not have well-defined responsibilities
  • Customer service representatives were frequently interrupted throughout the day

The Client retained DB&A to complete a second consulting project.  The goals of the project were designed to improve the following aspects of their operations:

  • load velocity
  • fuel costs
  • productivity

In order to achieve these goals, DB&A coached front-line leaders to enhance their leadership skills and implement the following management tools and principles:

  • Production audits
  • Improved communication processes
  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Standardized Key Performance Indicators

The consulting project improved communication, efficiency, and effectiveness for many different departments. This generated the following results for the Client:

  • Increased freight loads
  • Improved truck utilization
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • 60% Decrease in number of chargeable service failures reported
Financial Results

DB&A Guarantee

  • 3:1 Return on Investment
  • $1.56 MM Annualized Savings Rate

DB&A Delivered

  • 3.8:1 Return on Investment
  • $1.96 MM Annualized Savings Rate
Client Quotes

“The biggest change for me is that now my team wants to know how they are doing every day. Also, I am now able to drive the results daily to duplicate good days, whereas previously I reviewed the numbers on a weekly or monthly basis and then reacted.”

Director of Planning